»Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?«, wrote Mary Oliver. Sibylle Reuter had already asked herself this question several times, but it wasn’t until the end of 2015 that she dared to look for answers. A few months later, she resigned from her permanent copywriting contract with an international advertising agency because she no longer wanted to work for clients who didn’t share her values. Then, she took off and founded her own country of texts – Textlandia.


Our planet needs neither our rescue nor us humans. It was here long before us and will recover perfectly on its own, even if this recovery will take a long time after our overexploitation. But, we and our children need it – our future depends on it. If our Earth is well, we are well.


Authenticity is our greatest asset: We live what we communicate and communicate what we live.


We give sustainable business and future-oriented products and services a powerful voice. We stand out for our holistic communication concepts. With creativity, we convey diversity instead of renunciation.

We are a public welfare company

At Textlandia, we navigate to sustainable success using the Economy for the Common Good as our compass. We believe that sustainability and successful business do not contradict each other. Our guide? The Common Good Balance Sheet, a powerful tool that accompanies organizations on their way to a balanced give and take. Using the innovative Common Good Matrix 5.0 as a basis, we transform entrepreneurial and social activities into measurable values. This systemic approach enables a holistic view and points the way to a prosperous and sustainable economy. To Textlandia’s common good certificate